The Cheshire Biltong Company, located in the heart of Cheshire, is a specialist Biltong producer run by husband & wife team Ryan & Sheryl Walker. 

Cheshire Biltong Company / Exotic Biltong Producers / Ryan and Sheryl Walker

With years of artisan Biltong production experience, all our Biltong is truly hand made using variations of exotic & unique meat cuts including Deer, Kangaroo, Ostrich and British Sirloin Steak; all marinade in authentic South African spice blends and tumbled in red wine vinegar.

We pride ourselves on being truly hand made range of Biltong. Produced in fully approved premises that have been designed to recreate the climate found in South Africa, therefore giving us a truly authentic product with an exotic twist. 

If you appreciate authentic Biltong you can be guaranteed of a high quality, traceable and truly hand made product from award winning producers.