Beef Biltong made using only British Sirloin Steaks.

Ryan Walker

Here at The Cheshire Biltong Company we have built our outstanding reputation on delivering not just exceptional Biltong from a range of exotic meats but our original beef Biltong as well. Due to the fact its crafted from the finest cuts of Sirloin that you can find.

Normally Beef Biltong is made using cuts of Silverside or Topside these do make some amazing Biltong and its the cut that is traditional used across the globe due to its available, cost, fat content and skill required to prepare.  It was decided at a very early stage also that by using only Red Wine Vinegar across our range would also allow us to create a range of Biltong to level of sophistication like no other.  

Beef Biltong / Exotic Meat / Game Biltong

What we decided to do to take our Beef Biltong to the next level of enjoyment by using only cuts of Sirloin Steak. Not normally a cut of Beef associated with make Biltong due to its High cost, availability and skill required to prepare . But by using these exceptional cuts of beef it allows our Biltong to have that extra level of quality, its contains the perfect level of fat add to the the melt in the mouth experience that you would expect to find in any established Steak House from such a cut. Prepared using Red Wine Vinegar, its a combination as you may expect that goes hand in hand when it comes to complimenting each others flavours and texture.

From this we have also added two different varieties of our Beef Biltong Range that are a perfect match for an out standing cut like Sirloin. We have crafted up a truly stunning Chilli variety that contains a subtle level of heat that's the perfect match for such a quality cut. Our chilli's are added to our spice mix and are allowed to tumble for over 30mins to ensure that the flavour has been truly absorbed in the tenderised steaks. Once hung and dried in the perfect conditions its cut by hand to the perfect thickness to make it a truly exclusive Biltong experience like no other.

Then we have also added another amazing blend of Cracked Black Pepper Corn Biltong to our beef Collection as well. Just like the rest of our beef range its tumbled in the perfect blend of herbs, spices and and Red Wine Vinegar then we have added just the perfect measure of Cracked Black Pepper corn and as you would expect its a flawless partnership of flavours.

All our Beef varieties are created using only 100% British Beef from trusted local sources with full and complete traceability. All from less than 10miles from our production operation based in the heart of Cheshire.  

Each of our varieties are now available to buy in single packs or multiples of 3 or 5 so you can really indulge in a Biltong experience like never before.